We invite you to submit a proposal for the 2015 NAMS Inaugural Conference on June 22, 2015.

Got a great idea? A best practice you’d like to share? NAMS is lining up presenters for its inaugural conference on June 22 in Atlanta. We’re looking for education professionals to share successful and innovative practices with colleagues in interactive conference discussions. Breakout sessions will address a wide range of topics, including expedition resources, project-based learning ideas, cultivating partner relationships, museum imitation tactics and unit planning for the museum model of education. We know that best practices come from the field, and we’d love to hear ideas from the professionals who bring those ideas to life!

Submit A Breakout Session Topic Proposal

All proposals are due by April 17, 2015. You will be notified on or before April 24, 2015 regarding your proposal.

When suggesting a topic, please make sure your content is interesting, vendor and product agnostic. Conference sessions are meant to educate attendees on current museum school model innovations, challenges and trends only, and we do not accept product-related submissions. If you would like to publicize a product, please contact our sales team for information on exhibiting and other vendor opportunities.