The National Association of Museum Schools is the anchor that connects museum school educators and museum professionals around the country. 

NAMS is the organization dedicated to expanding the successful museum model to more classrooms and schools. Join NAMS and become inspired by passionate thinkers within the museum school community.

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Members-Only Resources

This small collection of resources is just a sampling of the many resources available to NAMS members. Join the National Association of Museum Schools today. Membership is free and gives you access to a variety of resources, networking opportunities, professional learning and more.

Instructional Resources

A Day in the Life of a Scientist Unit Guide
A day in the life of a scientist can be an exciting adventure. The lesson plans outlined in this document take students on an exploration of weather, light, magnets, and sound.

Adaptations Lesson Plan
Students will understand the form and function in organisms that allows them to succeed in their environment.

Partner Resources

Sample Partner Agreement
Wondering what a museum partnership might entail? Check out this sample agreement to learn how schools AND museums/partners benefit from a formal partnership!

Operational Resources

Exhibit Night Timeline Project Planning Sheet
It all starts with a good plan! Use this guide to plan out an Exhibit Night displays, docents, and experiences!

Collaborative Planning Schedule
Have you thought about building specific planning time into your school day to support meaningful collaborative discussions among classroom teachers and specialized teachers? Check out this sample schedule.

Exhibit Night Display Planning Sheet
This detailed planning sheet helps teachers strategically outline their displays for Exhibit Night.


Members flourish when they connect with each other. Discover other professionals that share your vision to promote innovative education.

Professional Learning

Engage in high quality, relevant professional learning opportunities through ongoing webinars, forums and annual conferences.

Relevant, timely information

Stay tip of sphere with education discussions and issues updated regularly on NAMs website and emails.


Enjoy opportunities to network with museum school leaders and staff. Plus connect to museum professionals within your region and nationally.

Leadership Opportunities

Opportunities to lead and serve are available on the Board, Advisory Council, committees and special projects. Members will engage in problem-solving, creative and complex thinking to benefit schools and museums.


Membership in the National Association of Museum Schools offers members the opportunity to develop leadership skills, mentor colleagues, and grow professionally by aiding in the expansion of the museum model.